What to Know About California’s S.B. 553 New Workplace Violence Prevention Law

Workplace safety continues to make headlines every day, as these acts affect more than a million Americans each year. Last fall, the state of California passed S.B. 553, which requires employers to..

Jenna Hardie February 8, 2024

3 Security Trends to Consider in the New Year

As we approach the end of 2023 and look toward the next year (and beyond), it’s important to harness the power of data – not from individual anecdotes, but from on-the-ground security leaders that..

Jenna Hardie December 7, 2023

How Data is Changing Safety in the Workplace

When we all headed home to work back in 2020, security teams reeled at the shift in protection for the modern workplace. And as businesses continue to require more time spent in the office – or..

Ryan Schonfeld November 30, 2023

Taking the Physical Security Ecosystem Approach to Access Control

As a Security Director, I spent a lot of time seeking a single solution that would fulfill all my physical security operational needs — like bending an access control system (ACS) a bit to perform..

Jon Harris November 9, 2023

Building Cyber Resiliency in a Physical World: 4 Considerations for Your Security Program

“What is cyber resiliency?” is the question that started off HiveWatch’s latest webinar, “Building Cyber Resiliency in a Physical World.”

Jenna Hardie October 30, 2023

Reducing Noise the Right Way

“Noise” in a global security operations center (GSOC) refers to the numerous alarms coming in for operators to analyze and address. Amongst this “noise” are legitimate security alerts that need to be addressed immediately, crowded by completely false alarms triggered..

Jenna Hardie October 19, 2023
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