Rethinking Retail Security

It’s no secret that threat actors are becoming more sophisticated. Whether it’s cyber crime or in-person threats, security isn’t innovating quickly enough or maturing fast enough to catch up. No one..

Haywood Hunter May 18, 2023

Rethinking Retail Security

It’s no secret that threat actors are becoming more sophisticated. Whether it’s cyber crime or in-person threats, security isn’t innovating quickly enough or maturing fast enough to catch up. No one is feeling this pain more than those in the retail sector.

Haywood Hunter May 18, 2023

HiveWatch Team Joins TIME Program with SIA & RISE

One of the values on which HiveWatch is built is a “passion for safety and security.” While we carry that forward in the software we’ve created, there’s something to be said for supporting the..

Sara Schonfeld May 4, 2023

Product Feature: Emergency Services Communications

There’s a shift happening in global security operations centers (GSOCs). Centralized monitoring and response from a GSOC is often done for a global enterprise across multiple locations, but more..

Jenna Hardie April 20, 2023

The Hive Speaks: 5 Takeaways from ISC West

Judging by the amount of people I had to wade through to make it to our first-ever booth, it’s safe to say that last week’s ISC West in Las Vegas was a resounding success. Early reports from credible..

Jenna Hardie April 6, 2023

Women's History Month: The Hive Influences

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we see a lot of commentary on influential leaders in the tech industry and across the world. But women are making an impact each and every day on a smaller..

HiveWatch March 23, 2023

PSIM is out. Fusion is in.

In a global security operations center (GSOC), operators are making decisions about the safety and wellbeing of assets and people. A lot of the challenges across security programs involve many of these decisions being made reactively, which can cause burnout and..

Ryan Schonfeld March 16, 2023

Doing More with Less: 3 Considerations to Make to Optimize Your Security Programs

Here’s the deal.  Budgets are tightening or staying flat. The recent State of the Industry report from Genetec found that 34% of respondents said..

Jenna Hardie March 9, 2023

A Celebration of Black History Month

If we’ve learned anything the last couple of years while building HiveWatch, it’s: representation matters. It shows in the leadership team being built, in the diversity of our team, and in the..

Jenna Hardie February 24, 2023

TLDW: 3 Key Insights from the "Security Business State of the Industry Report" Webinar

The security industry is, of course, ever-changing. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of industry trends and progressions to make sure you’re..

HiveWatch February 14, 2023

6 Tips to Make the Most of ISC West 2023

Are you ready? It’s hard to believe it, but ISC West is quickly approaching. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran this show for the physical security industry hits HARD. So let’s make..

Sarah Heffron January 26, 2023

A Look Back at 2022 with HiveWatch Founder & CEO

HiveWatch had an amazing year, and we’re excited and proud about the progress we’ve made in 2022. 

Ryan Schonfeld December 21, 2022

HiveWatch’s Support to Students in Rural India

How HiveWatch Helps Me Support Students in Rural India I have heard stories about the general work culture at startups, which include long working hours, having hard deadlines, and no work-life..

Rashmi Dalvi December 1, 2022

In Physical Security, Data-driven Risk Assessments are Incomplete Without Device Data

As the global threat landscape evolves and security resources remain limited, security leaders have had to re-think historic approaches to security..

Rebecca Sherouse November 17, 2022

HiveWatch Honored in Inaugural SecurityInfoWatch Readers’ Choice Awards

Leading security industry online portal announces top products after more than 1,650 security pros participate in online voting El Segundo, Calif., Nov. 2, 2022 — HiveWatch, a physical security..

HiveWatch November 3, 2022

5 Key Takeaways from our 'Speaking the C-Suite Language' Webinar

In our webinar we invited representatives of key C-suite stakeholders to discuss how physical security leaders can navigate buy-in for security. Our panelists gave valuable insights into how and when..

HiveWatch October 28, 2022

Physical and Cyber Security Teams Still Need a Cohesive Vision

It’s not a secret that physical and cyber security teams are still operating in completely different spheres. And in many regards, cybersecurity protocols are lightyears ahead of the game. It’s..

HiveWatch October 20, 2022

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Physical Security: Why It Matters

A lot of companies say all the right things about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), but when it comes to implementation, it’s easy to fall short. For the most part, many companies struggle to..

Cameron Khani October 11, 2022

HiveWatch Day of Service

HiveWatch Volunteer Day It was the middle of summer with July coming to a close. Though HiveWatch had already had a busy summer with kicking off a performance review cycle for the first time and ramping up to an important physical security industry conference, we..

Barinya Morales October 6, 2022

Embracing New Technology in Physical Security

Companies moving to the Cloud As companies reflect on the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent changes to business operations, the maturity and effectiveness of physical security..

HiveWatch September 22, 2022

How to Keep Your GSOC Engaged and Ready

A GSOC is a key tenet of any security strategy, and because of this you want your team to be prepared and ready to act in a moment's notice if something were to go awry. But, if we’re being honest,..

Cheyne White September 8, 2022

The Top 3 Benefits of Utilizing Machine Learning in Security

Machine Learning (ML) should not be confused or used interchangeably with AI (Artificial Intelligence). ML is a subcategory of AI that uses algorithms to recognize patterns from data and..

Sean Mulqueen August 25, 2022

HiveWatch: Phase 1

When we started building HiveWatch in 2020, we had a vision of what the modern Physical Security Program would look like. HiveWatch has been quietly working over the last two years to understand the pains of security professionals and how to address them head on. As..

Jordan Hill August 19, 2022

Security Doesn’t Scale!

Security doesn’t scale!    Now before you get offended and stop reading, consider where we are as an industry today and how much we’ve evolved over the past 5, 10, 15, 50 years. Sure, there has been great innovation across certain products: Camera resolution is higher..

Ryan Schonfeld August 10, 2022

Reimagining the Channel

In the security industry, “The Channel” is discussed in hushed tones and dark corners; this omnipresent thing that mustn’t be disturbed, or the industry as we know it will cease to exist. Or so that is the reality that is typically portrayed. The fear of disrupting The..

Jon Harris August 8, 2022

How Technology Addresses Worker Shortages in Security

It’s clear that despite recent layoffs in the tech industry and general unease about the economy, there are still significant gaps in the number of jobs available and the amount of workers available..

Ryan Schonfeld August 8, 2022

5 Tips and Tricks for GSOC Operators, by GSOC Operators

Before HiveWatch became a software company, it was a service organization. That service organization (formerly known as RAS Watch) is what is now our virtual GSOC (vGSOC). I interviewed our GSOC..

Sara Schonfeld August 1, 2022

Working from Home May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

‘Wearing the pants’ has taken on an entirely new meaning after two years at home, thanks to COVID. Gone are the days of stockings, ties, and cufflinks; but now even just putting on pants is a..

Molly Craycroft August 1, 2022

Proud to Be a HiveWatch Employee

I never thought that taking a job as a Customer Support Specialist would be the bridge that helped me identify on a deeper level with who I am - but here we are.  It all started when I found out that HiveWatch was taking an active role in Hermosa Beach’s Pride weekend...

Denisse Hernandez August 1, 2022

Duty of Care - Whose Duty is it to Care?

Duty of Care is a broad term that encompasses some of the most important responsibilities a business can take on today. It might sound foreign, or even a bit vague, but duty of care is an element..

Katie Hathaway July 1, 2022

Your Onboarding Experience Matters!

Imagine being told you’re going on a vacation. You’ve been sold on it by this amazing travel agent - and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of... but there’s a catch. No one told you how you’re..

Roberto Jusino July 1, 2022

It’s Time for Physical Security & IT to Come Together

Taking a new approach to anything is never easy. For so long, security decisions were made by security leaders; but as the lines blur between IT and physical security, and as more security devices..

Ryan Schonfeld July 1, 2022

Reducing Noise in Security Operations Centers

For so many of us, the picture in our minds when we discuss security operations centers or command centers is the photo of numerous operators with multiple screens, a massive video wall and a chaotic..

Ryan Schonfeld July 1, 2022