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HiveWatch Team Joins TIME Program with SIA & RISE

One of the values on which HiveWatch is built is a “passion for safety and security.” While we carry that forward in the software we’ve created, there’s something to be said for supporting the industry we’re a part of in a multitude of ways. 

Recently, four of our HiveWatch team members were selected to be a part of the Talent, Inclusion, Mentorship and Education (TIME) program, presented by the Security Industry Association and its RISE Committee. This is a mentorship program for early and mid-career security industry professionals that formed during the pandemic and has since grown in scope and popularity. It was designed to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and empowerment of underrepresented identities in the security industry by creating a well-defined pathway for learning and development.

The program covers such topics as career development, skill enhancement, recruitment, and executive leadership development. 

Creating a diverse workforce has been a goal of HiveWatch’s since its inception, offering a unique approach to building a workforce that fosters ideas from within and outside of the industry. So we’re supportive of entities that work to drive more diversity across the industry and beyond. 

Here are some thoughts from our team members who are a part of the program and why they were called to participate: 

There’s still time for you to apply to be a mentee (you have until May 26). Click here to learn more about the program. You can see the full list of mentors for the TIME program here.

Topics: DEI in Security

Sara Schonfeld
Sara Schonfeld

Sara Schonfeld is the VP of Marketing at HiveWatch. When she's not promoting the advancement of security technology she's enjoying life at the beach with her husband, two kids, and dog.


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