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Product Feature: Emergency Services Communications

There’s a shift happening in global security operations centers (GSOCs). Centralized monitoring and response from a GSOC is often done for a global enterprise across multiple locations, but more recently, a lot of these organizations are reducing the size of these locations and shifting toward more regional locations. Even with fewer locations to oversee, there can still be challenges to identifying the right jurisdiction for emergency response and communications. 

The latest feature on the HiveWatch GSOC Operating System (OS) is emergency communications services, which gives operators the ability to directly call local 911 dispatch, relative to where an incident is happening – all within the HiveWatch platform.

How it Works:

When the HiveWatch GSOC OS indicates an incident is taking place – through predetermined rules – the option to call emergency services is made available. Operators can follow the organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to determine whether this call should be made based on the emerging situation. 

The operator can then place the call directly from the platform while still being able to navigate around the platform to share relevant information with the emergency services team. The call is routed directly to the location where the incident is taking place, which cuts down on the amount of time spent describing how someone from another state is reporting an incident in another location.

How it Works:

  • A configurable call-back number for emergency services in case of disconnection.
  • The HiveWatch GSOC OS automatically routes the call based on the incident address. Call appears as if the operator is calling from the location where the incident is taking place. 
  • Access a historical log of emergency calls with the details (time of call, operator who initiated it, duration, facility where incident occurred). 
  • Option to call an emergency response number becomes available when an incident is created, whether automatically if your cameras or card readers are connected, or manually. 
  • The HiveWatch GSOC OS platform remains available for use while a call is in progress, making it easier to provide real-time information to the emergency response team. 

Feature in Action:

Prior to having the feature as part of the HiveWatch GSOC OS, the HiveWatch vGSOC received an incoming incident alert about an employee in a facility who was threatening self-harm. The incident was not in the same geographic area as the vGSOC, so the GSOC operator pulled information to call emergency services for the area where the incident was taking place. 

The operator had to explain where they were located, where the incident was taking place, and explain what was occurring and was routed multiple times to various departments that allegedly had more jurisdiction. 

In total, it took 46 minutes for authorities to respond to the incident and come to a resolution, which is precious time in such an emergency. Being able to reach an emergency services operator in the same place as the incident is an integral part of building a GSOC that covers a broader geographic area. 

Ready to see how the feature works? Book a demo with our team and we’ll take you through the process.

Being able to reach an emergency services operator in the same place as the incident is an integral part of building a GSOC that covers a broader geographic area.

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Jenna Hardie
Jenna Hardie

Jenna Hardie is senior manager, content and PR, for HiveWatch, a physical security software company reimagining how organizations keep their people and assets safe. Hardie has worked in the physical security, cybersecurity, and high-tech space for the last nine years, driving brand awareness, media relations, marketing, and communications initiatives.


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