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The Hive Speaks: 5 Takeaways from ISC West

Judging by the amount of people I had to wade through to make it to our first-ever booth, it’s safe to say that last week’s ISC West in Las Vegas was a resounding success. Early reports from credible sources put the attendee counts well past 30,000, which is a far cry from the last two years that were marred by the effects of the pandemic. 

But all that aside, it wasn’t the crowds that has me excited as much as it is the momentum in the industry when it comes to product features, new categories, and rise of intelligence-driven security. 

Here are 5 takeaways from the show:

PSIM is nearing its end. We’ve talked extensively about this on our blog, but we’re now hearing it from so many people across the industry (including this post from Lee Odess). It’s 100% the old adage, “It’s not me, it’s you,” as PSIMs have taken a backseat to more scalable, cost-effective solutions that are increasingly focused on results-driven outcomes that deliver actionable insights around how a security program works.

In-person networking is king. The age of video conferences and remote connections is far from over, as today’s workforce is more distributed than ever. However, when it comes to connecting with peers, and even your own colleagues, there’s little substitute for an in-person opportunity. Since this was the first year we had booth presence at the show, being able to highlight our product in-person to prospects and those interested in learning more about what HiveWatch offers was critical to the show’s success for our team. 

Security needs more actionable data. I saw a lot of head nods when members of the HiveWatch team talked to security leaders about providing data to the C-Suite about the performance of the security program. The fact that security leaders haven’t traditionally been able to sell the value of security technology has led to the belief that physical security is nothing more than a cost center. We have evidence to the contrary (but I digress).

A lot of devices, not a lot of cohesion. HiveWatch Founder & CEO Ryan Schonfeld said in a meeting that there are a lot of companies creating products that do something really well. Whether they have an analytics solution, access control reader, biometric solution, or game-changing video surveillance camera, they still need somewhere for the data to go where it can be fused together with other relevant data and push information to the user. At the end of the day, all of these devices are part of a security program that aims to keep people, assets, and the brand safe – and having a single view means better decision-making to make that happen. 

It’s all about efficiency. Operational efficiency is the name of the game, especially since budgets are tight – either not growing at the rate they need to or remaining stagnant as the economy continues to be in flux. Security leaders are looking to do more with less, which means they need to have a better understanding of the resources they’re allocating and how the solutions they have in place are performing for the organization. Another big topic of conversation that came up was with the problem of staffing field resources and guards, which leaves room for companies to look beyond simply reducing these resources, but improving employee satisfaction and retention through new avenues. 

As we move past the show and continue to discuss the next iteration of the industry, we’re eager to learn more about the challenges security leaders face as they assess their programs, allocate budgets toward device improvements, and find better ways to engage the C-suite in advocating for a robust program. 

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"Security leaders are looking to do more with less, which means they need to have a better understanding of the resources they’re allocating and how the solutions they have in place are performing for the organization."


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Jenna Hardie
Jenna Hardie

Jenna Hardie is senior manager, content and PR, for HiveWatch, a physical security software company reimagining how organizations keep their people and assets safe. Hardie has worked in the physical security, cybersecurity, and high-tech space for the last nine years, driving brand awareness, media relations, marketing, and communications initiatives.


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