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Why Command Center? How We Built the Core Product

Something interesting happened when we started talking to security leaders about the HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System (OS): the selling point wasn’t always about incorporating the video and access control data into the platform. They were actually more interested in the simple features of the platform and having a singular destination to manage an organization’s security operations.

What is Command Center?

HiveWatch Command Center is a security operations management platform that streamlines field resource-to-operator communications, centralizes the storage of standard operating procedures, optimizes workflows, and aids in incident management and response.

The HiveWatch Command Center was designed to assist the security operations team in detecting, triaging, responding to, and investigating security incidents, while offering a scalable option for organizations as they grow and add more applications and systems into their program.

What problems does the HiveWatch Command Center solve?

Command Center acts as a centralized platform that operators and field resources can use to better operationalize incident response, management, and resolution. 

Additionally, the platform:

  • Strengthens field resource-to-operator communications through the use of the Guard Mobile App 
  • Centralizes the storage and implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) across the entire organization
  • Streamlines the management of multiple points of contact (like hospital, utilities, and escalation contact number / addresses) to aid in incident and emergency response
  • Provides security leadership with real-time data about incident resolution, response, and more, to enable better decision-making about resource allocation
  • Allows operators and field resources to manually create incidents to ensure proper response protocols are followed
  • Facilitates management of field resources, with the ability to implement Guard Tours to ensure maximum coverage of a facility  

The benefits of HiveWatch Command Center for security teams

If you’ve seen security operations centers (SOCs) on movies or IRL, you know the multiple screens, workstations, and feeds coming in can be overwhelming. Security operators typically have to toggle between multiple applications to gather all of the information they need to do their job, which can result in context switching and slowed response. 

One of the benefits of incorporating the HiveWatch Command Center into a security operations center is the ability for operators to have a single source of truth related to next steps through SOPs, as well as a place to communicate directly with field resources. This ensures incidents can be resolved using approved next steps while maintaining logs for subsequent investigations and case management, as needed. Doing so provides additional training and oversight for security leaders as they continue to build on their existing security programs. 

Another benefit of using Command Center in a GSOC is its ability to route emergency services, or 911, based on incident location. This feature is especially beneficial for operators in a regional SOC that oversee multiple locations or facilities. It means that if an incident is occurring in Las Vegas, and the organization’s SOC sits in Los Angeles, the local Las Vegas first responders will be notified and offered a local callback number so that critical time is not lost trying to identify the right jurisdiction. 

Finally, Command Center is scalable. When an organization is ready to layer more data – think other point solutions, such as video and access control – into the platform, it’s an easy next step to unlock even more insights, enable noise reduction, flag tailgating, provide oversight for device health monitoring, and much, much more. 

Ready to see Command Center in person? Click here for a 1:1 demo of the platform or visit HiveWatch at ISC West 2024 at Booth #34074 (click here to schedule a meeting with the team).

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Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill is the Head of Product at HiveWatch. As a DeepTech Product Innovator, he focuses on bringing a fresh perspective to complex industries through data. Jordan holds a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, at College Park. He is most proud of his time leading Engineering teams to solve impossible problems as a Program Manager at Bird Rides, but even more so his time as an advisor/mentor to early stage founders.


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