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Security Fusion, Explained

As HiveWatch has built a platform aimed at bringing together multiple streams of incoming data, we talk a lot about the term ‘Security Fusion.’ Now, we’re defining it.

What is Security Fusion?

Security Fusion refers to the process of integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources to enhance situational awareness, improve decision-making, and support proactive security measures. This process typically involves gathering information from various security sensors and other sources, and then processing, correlating, and analyzing the data to support operational decisions. 

Security Fusion Sources of Data

The main sources of data for physical security, when it comes to Security Fusion are:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems
  • Security personnel records
  • Occupancy data
  • Social media monitoring
  • Public safety and law enforcement databases
  • Risk intelligence
  • Analyst-curated intelligence
  • Executive protection
  • Other Internet of Things (IoT) sensors

Security Fusion is important because it transitions security programs from a basket of individual technologies to an interconnected experience that improves operations for guards, operators, program managers, and security executives.

For guards, Security Fusion allows faster sharing of data around threats they are dispatched to and the collection of operational data to evaluate how they perform.

For operators, when identifying potential threats, the cross referencing of all of these sources historically required a lot of time hopping between systems. This methodology is vulnerable to human error in detection and lacks automation that would allow operators to focus their time on real, active threats.

Security Fusion unlocks viewing all program data related to a specific incident in one interface, while also using that same multi-system data to remove the clutter of false positives alarms, to ensure that only real alarms reach the GSOC. This can be as simple as using data from the camera that overlooks an alarming door to verify whether an actual threat has happened.

For program managers, Security Fusion can also streamline analytical capabilities. Rather than pulling reports from each individual platform where you have to manually calculate a security program’s performance, with Security Fusion, you can automate how you measure your program performance, so you focus more time on identifying and responding to the areas of your program that need improvement.

How HiveWatch Uses Security Fusion

At HiveWatch, our vision is to change physical security from an art into a science. That means connecting existing technology to speed up and automate redundant processes, while highlighting where gaps are. We want more “addressing business risk, impact, and threat frequency” and less “the way it’s always been done.” 

We want program managers and security executives to spend less time managing the daily operations and more time improving their security program design.

This vision influences every aspect of how we build products at HiveWatch. When we design new features, we ask:

  • How will this feature save operators or program managers time?
  • How will this feature help a program manager or security executive identify gaps in their security program?
  • How will this feature help a program manager or security executive map security concerns to the business?

At HiveWatch, we are committed to helping organizations not just achieve Security Fusion, but also reap the benefits it unlocks.

"We want program managers and security executives to spend less time managing the daily operations and more time improving their security program design."

Ready to learn more about what Security Fusion can help you achieve? Schedule a demo with our team here.

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Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill is the Head of Product at HiveWatch. As a DeepTech Product Innovator, he focuses on bringing a fresh perspective to complex industries through data. Jordan holds a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, at College Park. He is most proud of his time leading Engineering teams to solve impossible problems as a Program Manager at Bird Rides, but even more so his time as an advisor/mentor to early stage founders.


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