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Why HiveWatch Uses an Advisory Approach to Customer Success

Of the many areas where HiveWatch seeks to break the mold in the security industry, our approach to Customer Success is among the most unique. 

Not only are we committed to our customers receiving a white-glove experience throughout the entire implementation and platform adoption process, we are equally as committed to supporting the growth of their security program as a whole. While dedicated implementation and account management teams guide customers through the onboarding process, customers are also able to leverage our team of in-house security professionals that provide consulting services to support the advancement of all aspects of their security program via the Security Advisory department.

When I first joined HiveWatch after more than 6 years at a global risk management firm, I was skeptical about how much my experience as a security consultant would transfer to my new role in Customer Success. However, within the first few days of joining the HiveWatch team, it became clear to me that, at its core, HiveWatch is deeply committed to its customers and the people and assets they are charged with protecting. 

I saw very quickly that the leadership team at HiveWatch was re-imagining how security technology companies support their customers and bringing a former security consultant with experience helping large organizations build fit-for-purpose security programs was no accident. 

Now, almost a year into my role, I am thrilled to lead the Security Advisory department at HiveWatch. The goal of the department is to support customers not only with the successful adoption of the HiveWatch platform, but also with the strategic advancement of their security program in its entirety.

We do this by demonstrating a shared commitment to Customer Success that takes into account the following:

Business case development

As security departments grow and become increasingly visible to executive leadership teams, security professionals are often required to develop a business case to support requests for enterprise investment or buy-in.

Taking the advisory approach allows for the chance to design tailored materials that outline existing programmatic needs, exposures associated with not addressing those needs, realistic plans to mitigate key security exposures, and the ultimate ROI in doing so in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Maturity assessment and roadmap design

One of the biggest challenges for security leaders hoping to rapidly improve the security posture of an organization is measuring the “current state” of the program. When customers first begin their onboarding journey, the Security Advisory team takes actionable steps to measure and quantify existing program metrics to support customers in measuring year-over-year program improvements and maturity.

Leveraging HiveWatch data and metrics helps customers tell the story of rapid improvement and growth in a quantifiable, business-centric way.

Operational support

One often overlooked – but increasingly important way – the Security Advisory team supports customers is by acting as a force-multiplier for administrative and/or time-consuming tasks.

Whether it be the development of launch-day Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the quick turnaround on a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)-related policy, or help designing workflows to enhance situational awareness for operators, our team knows security leaders wear many hats. Having a second set of eyes and ears to get the job done can be imperative in the adoption of HiveWatch software and overall advancement of the program.

Data analysis and reporting

The Security Advisory team helps security personnel craft messaging and presentations for senior business stakeholders to outline the successes of the security program and ongoing areas of opportunity for growth.

The team is particularly familiar with analyzing and synthesizing security data, whether that be HiveWatch data or external security-related data, to drive strategic conversations and decision making at the senior level.

Training development and operator coaching

From day one, the Security Advisory team is committed to ensuring end users of our software are trained efficiently and effectively in the platform. We work with the customer to create custom training, conduct site visits to sit side-by-side with operators, and will routinely host training sessions to support users in the advancement of their security knowledge and operating effectiveness.

The team does not train users in a silo, and ensures training is positioned such that operators understand how to leverage HiveWatch in the context of their broader operational responsibilities and day-to-day duties.

"From day one, the Security Advisory team is committed to ensuring end users of our software are trained efficiently and effectively in the platform." 

Since joining HiveWatch, I continue to be amazed at the resources our team commits to supporting potential and existing customers with tailored, suitable solutions. HiveWatch has allowed me to leverage my consulting background as a member of the Customer Success team, and I am excited to see how these offerings expand as our customers evolve. 

For more information on how the Security Advisory department supports potential and existing HiveWatch customers shoot me an email at or click here to register for our upcoming webinar with Security Magazine.   

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Rebecca Sherouse
Rebecca Sherouse

Rebecca Sherouse is the Director of Account Management and Security Advisory at HiveWatch where she is focused on providing end-to-end lifecycle account management support to customers. In addition, Rebecca is responsible for providing bespoke security consulting services to customers to support best-in-class technology adoption and expansion aligned with a risk-based approach to security program development. Rebecca has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus in Global Security and Latin America from the School of International Service at American University and is fluent in Spanish.


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