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The Top 3 Benefits of Utilizing Machine Learning in Security

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Machine Learning (ML) should not be confused or used interchangeably with AI (Artificial Intelligence). ML is a subcategory of AI that uses algorithms to recognize patterns from data and automatically learn insights, allowing programs to become more intelligent. 

ML ultimately should aim to remove the need for humans to do repetitive, low-value decision-making activities, like triaging false positives or system/device health ticketing.

Here are the top 3 benefits of utilizing ML in security: 

1. Free up time for other strategic initiatives
Do your operators spend countless hours dealing with false alarms and faulty sensors? HiveWatch had one customer who, before adopting HiveWatch, calculated that they would need 6x the amount of operators they already had to be able to deal with all of the alarms coming in.  By utilizing a system with ML, the data collected from these alarms can be processed to identify patterns and provide insights, taking the guesswork out of these alarms. Ultimately, this allows operators to be less reactive, giving them more time to work on strategic and proactive initiatives. 

This, in turn, up-levels the position of operator, to analyst, which brings me to my next point…

2. Create lower turnover rates
Historically, the security industry has incredibly high turnover rates. Annual rates are anywhere from 100-300%. Recruiting & training new operators is expensive, timely, and stressful. This is why retaining employees, especially your operators, is so critical. 

According to a recent Korn Ferry poll of 5,000 professionals, the top reason people look for a new job is boredom. Getting a job in security, which on the surface sounds fun, exciting, and challenging, and then sitting in a dark room all day clearing false alarms caused by birds - not exactly what you signed up for. ML can not only alleviate that boredom, but help up-level the job. With ML your operators are now analysts, fueled with the idea of career growth and opportunity. 

Recruiting & training new operators is expensive, timely, and stressful. This is why retaining employees, especially your operators, is so critical. 

3. Save money
Bringing it all together - ML ultimately saves organizations money. The combination of false alarms (a $3.2 billion industry issue), additional guard staff (ie: the 6x guards mentioned in the first point), and consequences of high turnover make the security organization a cost center. 

HiveWatch & ML
Because I’m the Head of Sales, I’ve gotta make my small pitch here. A huge benefit of HiveWatch’s ML is that it will automate repetitive tasks, creating all of the benefits above (and more!). Sign up for a demo and our team will walk you through it. 


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Sean Mulqueen
Sean Mulqueen

Sean Mulqueen works as the VP of Sales at HiveWatch. He has been providing emerging technology solutions to enterprises, fast-growing start-ups, and educational institutions for nearly a decade. Sean is passionate about having a customer-centric sales approach and building a team that values culture and solving our customer’s problems.


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