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5 Tips and Tricks for GSOC Operators, by GSOC Operators

Before HiveWatch became a software company, it was a service organization. That service organization (formerly known as RAS Watch) is what is now our virtual GSOC (vGSOC). I interviewed our GSOC Supervisors to ask them for the tips and tricks that they feel have made our vGSOC such a success.

These are the areas they highlighted:

Build a Customer Relationship

Customer experience isn’t necessarily the first thing people think of when it comes to security - but it really should be. If they’re speaking to you, they’re already in a stressful situation and they’re relying on you, and trusting you, to help them. Here are a few tips for building a good customer relationship: 

  • Your tone of voice can really make a difference. Be friendly! They’ll reciprocate. 
  • Remember, we’ve all been “the customer” before. It seems obvious, but treat them how you would want to be treated.
  • Use positive language. Focus on when/how the client can get their issue resolved rather than focusing on the negative.
  • Remain calm and use tips 1-3! This will most times calm down the client in a stressful situation.

Keep Learning

Knowledge is power. As soon as you become complacent, a situation will arise that you’re not prepared for (it’s unfortunately Murphy’s Law). It’s easy and incredibly common to get comfortable especially in a GSOC role where a lot of the time you’re just waiting for something to happen. As a supervisor I like to run scenarios with my team to keep them on their toes and hone their skills. There’s always more to learn and plenty of time to do it.

Give Attention to Detail

Having strong attention to detail makes you a more effective employee, increasing your productivity and reducing your likelihood of error. Errors in the security industry can lead to serious consequences, making it a vital component of everyday procedures. Don’t let your guard down (literally!) and stay engaged in the job at hand. Small details (like marking an alarm as false, or missing a tailgating incident) can cause big problems.

Stay Organized

Sometimes when an incident is taking place, minutes matter. Without a doubt one of the best ways to stay proactive versus reactive in the security industry is staying organized. Having great organization skills can help find solutions faster, rather than trying to locate necessary SOPs lost among various unrelated data. Being organized is the foundation of efficiency, and efficiency is the life force of remarkable service.

Create Open Communication

One of the key components to maintaining an efficient GSOC is communication, particularly amongst operators and management. We need to share and discuss information with one another constantly. As an operator, communication and teamwork must be met across the board when working with a fellow operator on shift. Passing methods and documentation between shifts keeps the entire team in the know.

When there is an active incident, it’s important to communicate amongst the operators on the current shift by splitting up tasks (such as documentation, contacting law enforcement, monitoring CCTV footage) to get the message out to the client in an efficient, yet timely manner.

About the Interviewees:

JaShanaeJa'Shanae Billingsley
Ja'Shanae is a GSOC Supervisor at HiveWatch and has been with the company for almost 3 years. She's all about teamwork and collaborative efforts, and enjoys going fishing to give her peace of mind.

Jarred Townson

Jarred Townson
Jarred found himself in the physical security industry completely by accident. Managing a team and keeping projects on schedule are his superpowers!


Marquita BarfieldMarquita Barfield
Marquita worked 12 years in the cable industry as a dispatcher/router before moving into the security industry (and says it's the best decision she could have made)! While in middle school she won first place in a writing competition and as the prize her essay was published in the Press Telegram!

Topics: Customer Experience, GSOC

Sara Schonfeld
Sara Schonfeld

Sara Schonfeld is the VP of Marketing at HiveWatch. When she's not promoting the advancement of security technology she's enjoying life at the beach with her husband, two kids, and dog.


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