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Working from Home May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

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‘Wearing the pants’ has taken on an entirely new meaning after two years at home, thanks to COVID. Gone are the days of stockings, ties, and cufflinks; but now even just putting on pants is a challenge. Meme after meme will help one understand just how far down the ‘working from home’ rabbit hole our entire society has gotten.

When COVID hit, I got pregnant. COVID baby! At about six months along I was laid off. Yes, that’s legal, unfortunately (it shouldn’t be, but I digress). Spending that much time at home for the remainder of my pregnancy, and then with my infant was quite European. It’s a huge blessing that I know I am fortunate to have had. As an American, an extrovert, and someone with bills to pay though? Not awesome.

However…being at home was comfortable. So when it came time to find a job, like everyone else it seems, I sought out a remote position. While I ended up with six companies vying for my attention, and only two of them in-person, why did I choose a full time in-person position with HiveWatch?

If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve likely begun to peel back the layers of this incredible place. Ryan, our Founder & CEO, is also a hands-on parent. I openly discussed my needs for a varying schedule, to occasionally work from home when my son isn’t feeling well, and that my kid is my priority. He didn’t just say that was ok; he said it’s what he assumes would be needed for any parent. I wasn’t met with an “as long as you get your work done” aside, rather a “we’re in this together and that includes our families” attitude. It was refreshing, surprising, and one of the many reasons I didn’t hesitate to accept their offer immediately.

But what do I wear?! I’d spent the last two years in leggings and a tank top. Not exactly office attire. And while it’s a tech startup, and therefore fairly laden with jeans and hoodies; I’ve never been that girl, even in college. Some friends came to my rescue and helped me put together a wardrobe that was still comfortable, but office appropriate in my sense of the word.

Could I handle all that face time with people after so long at home?

YES! I’m an ENFJ (if you speak Myers Briggs) and really did not realize how much I was craving human interaction. Just a few weeks into my role my bosses were working from home one day and invited me to do the same. I hated it. I genuinely missed our air conditioned office complete with snacks, espresso machines, and friendly faces to randomly chat with when the day feels like it’s dragging. Not that my days ever do, this is the busiest I’ve ever been, and I love it. It’s fantastic for this extrovert to get to talk to adult humans again during the day. It’s been far too long, and while working from home is a direction I genuinely hope our society moves in (at least in a hybrid sense), this girl will be opting for the in-office lifestyle from here on out. Pants and all.

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Molly Craycroft
Molly Craycroft

Molly Craycroft is Executive Assistant to the Founder and CEO of HiveWatch, as well as the COO. A self-proclaimed calendar wrangler, Molly has enjoyed the fast pace of HiveWatch and what it means to keep two such busy executives on top of their game. When not working, Molly enjoys time with her toddler, exercise, quick wit, and anything involving the ocean.


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