Reimagining the Channel

In the security industry, “The Channel” is discussed in hushed tones and dark corners; this omnipresent thing that mustn’t be disturbed, or the industry as we know it will cease to exist. Or so that is the reality that is typically portrayed. The fear of disrupting The..

Jon Harris August 8, 2022

How Technology Addresses Worker Shortages in Security

It’s clear that despite recent layoffs in the tech industry and general unease about the economy, there are still significant gaps in the number of jobs available and the amount of workers available..

Ryan Schonfeld August 8, 2022

5 Tips and Tricks for GSOC Operators, by GSOC Operators

Before HiveWatch became a software company, it was a service organization. That service organization (formerly known as RAS Watch) is what is now our virtual GSOC (vGSOC). I interviewed our GSOC..

Sara Schonfeld August 1, 2022

Working from Home May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

‘Wearing the pants’ has taken on an entirely new meaning after two years at home, thanks to COVID. Gone are the days of stockings, ties, and cufflinks; but now even just putting on pants is a..

Molly Craycroft August 1, 2022

Proud to Be a HiveWatch Employee

I never thought that taking a job as a Customer Support Specialist would be the bridge that helped me identify on a deeper level with who I am - but here we are.  It all started when I found out that HiveWatch was taking an active role in Hermosa Beach’s Pride weekend...

Denisse Hernandez August 1, 2022

Duty of Care - Whose Duty is it to Care?

Duty of Care is a broad term that encompasses some of the most important responsibilities a business can take on today. It might sound foreign, or even a bit vague, but duty of care is an element..

Katie Hathaway July 1, 2022