Why HiveWatch Uses an Advisory Approach to Customer Success

Of the many areas where HiveWatch seeks to break the mold in the security industry, our approach to Customer Success is among the most unique.

Rebecca Sherouse July 13, 2023

Security Fusion, Explained

As HiveWatch has built a platform aimed at bringing together multiple streams of incoming data, we talk a lot about the term ‘Security Fusion.’ Now, we’re defining it.

Jordan Hill June 15, 2023

Product Feature: Embedded Standard Operating Procedures

“We need to order an expander for this thing,” the Command Center Operator told me as I reviewed the updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). In front of me was a massive desktop display with..

Jon Harris June 1, 2023

Rethinking Retail Security

It’s no secret that threat actors are becoming more sophisticated. Whether it’s cyber crime or in-person threats, security isn’t innovating quickly enough or maturing fast enough to catch up. No one is feeling this pain more than those in the retail sector.

Haywood Hunter May 18, 2023

HiveWatch Team Joins TIME Program with SIA & RISE

One of the values on which HiveWatch is built is a “passion for safety and security.” While we carry that forward in the software we’ve created, there’s something to be said for supporting the..

Sara Schonfeld May 4, 2023

Product Feature: Emergency Services Communications

There’s a shift happening in global security operations centers (GSOCs). Centralized monitoring and response from a GSOC is often done for a global enterprise across multiple locations, but more..

Jenna Hardie April 20, 2023
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